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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Lulu and Chris and the Dodge
Today we sold Lulu's Dodge. You may recall that in August of 2014 - Lulu bought a BMW Convertible in FSU garnet color. When she got that - her old Dodge languished in our garage. 

You may remember the story of the old Dodge. Lulu had one in Pennsylvania - used to drive the kids to school in it - Drew even took it to Duke for a year. A few years later - she decided she wanted a Miata sports car. Every now and then she would pine for her old Dodge. I found another Dodge in the middle of nowhere - Illinois. I hitchhiked there - and drove the Dodge back to Tallahassee. Lulu drove it 6 more years since then. 

Repo Man - Gone in 60 Seconds!

Recently - we listed the car on Craigslist. Yesterday - Chris drove over from New Orleans. This morning - as I type - he is towing it across I-10 to his home. 

We are now down to 2 cars - 2 scooters - a mower - and a lawn sweeper - in our garage. 

The Dodge is in remarkable shape. It only has 16,500 miles on it. It has original paint - original leather interior - and original top. I replaced the battery - tires - and brakes on it. We wish Chris the best of luck with it - we plan to visit it some day during Mardi Gras. 
Odometer of the Dodge
Chris is towing it home with his diesel

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