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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alligator Point Florida - Surf Temperature 84 Degrees - 44 Miles South From Home

Lulu's new beach tent - bring on the cousins

Monday it was 91 degrees in Tallahassee. The sky looked like rain - but the radar weather said the coast was clear. Ever since Lulu and her cousins went to the beach and bought back our tent in tatters - we were looking for a time to try out the new beach tent. Lulu loves sitting in the sun - but I am the gray head old man that insists on sitting in the shade. Get off my lawn.

Our new beach tent opens like an umbrella - everything is connected in one piece. You simply pop it up and then put 4 tents pegs in the corners to keep it from blowing away. I can sit in the shade - open up for screened windows to let the wind blow through. It can also be closed up to tight to provide a private place to change your clothes. It is not a motor home - but it will do. 

The beach was lovely - less than a dozen others there. There was a group of guys flying their kite/boards. We had the rest of the beach to ourselves. I was very surprised that the water temperature was 84 degrees - certainly not as good as the hot tub - but much higher than the 45 degree water we just visited in Alaska. 

We arrived at 5 PM just in time to eat our picnic basket supper. Still there was 3 hours of sunshine. As the sun went down - the rays angled more and enhanced the colors. We took a 2 mile walk on the beach and then literally popped the tent - put the convertible top down and drove home. It takes under an hour to cover the 44 miles. 

On the way home - the car thermometer said it was 77 degrees but when we got back into town was 81. 

There is nothing that seems to put Lulu in a good spirit than sitting on the beach a couple hours. When Lulu was a kid back in Pennsylvania - her family spent a week every summer sitting on the Jersey Shore. In my opinion she enjoyed this time with her cousins - the beach was secondary. I like the beach as long as I have a radio - some reading material - the Internet - or food. Then I can enjoy sitting there. After 2 hours - it is time to do something else.

One thing nice about having a camper - you have a nice shower to clean off the crud for the ride home. Here we go again. 

When we moved to Tallahassee - Lulu threatened to buy a house at Alligator Point - and commute to campus 44 miles each way daily. The place is a ghost town - no store - no restaurants.
These kite/boards were very entertaining

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