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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taking Lulu On A Walk In Tallahassee Mall

Nice sky lights. The air conditioning is still on.

Lulu and I take a two mile walk everyday. In the heat and humidity of the summer - we like to do it inside. Since Tallahassee only has two indoor malls - our choices are limited. 

The Tallahassee Mall is almost closed down for major renovations. I company form outside the state has promised to spend $100 million renovating this place. 

There are still a few places that will remain open during renovation - one is the movie house. We like going there in the afternoon when there is a substantial senior citizen discount. Last week we saw Boyhood for $5. 

One lap around the mall is a mile. We do 2. It takes about 40 minutes for us to get thru two miles - about stroll about 3 miles per hour. We saw maybe 20 other people during the entire time. 

Jewelry stores.

The thriving gourmet gumball business.

Lots of nice old tile work.

Tropical Smoothie

Sport Authority

FSU football could practice here

Opening Spring 2015 - I doubt it.

Food Court - one left - Bourbon Chicken

Still Open AMC Theaters

Customer Service

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