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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Florida Beat Clemson With One Quarterback Tied Behind Their Back

It was not pretty last night - but ABC had the scene set for one very large upset - but a little luck got in the way. 

It was a prime time night football game in Tallahassee. Clemson was coming to town with upset on their minds after being beaten by 40 points last year in "Death Valley." The fate doctors tried to even up the sides a bit on Friday night at 11 PM - by suspending the Noles' Heisman trophy winning quarterback for the entire game. He dressed up for the game just in case it went into overtime - he must have thought his suspension was just for 4 quarters. 

Lulu and I had a late supper at home. The weather was perfect - clear blue sky - temperature 80 - low humidity for Tallahassee. At 7 PM we decided to take our old white Honda Helix scooter to the game - we can weave thru traffic with it - and park anywhere free of charge. By 7:10 - it was parked behind some old brick building on Jefferson Street next to a dumpster. We parked there before - and after the game it is a quick straight shot east to our home. 

As we combed our hair from the scooter ride in - and stashed a couple of Cokes in the place no one would ever touch on a 66 year old man - the Goodyear blimp was directly overhead. Its engine sounded so much louder than usual - even though I only had one hearing aid in. It was only 7:10 - and we had forgotten that the TV hype started at 8 -  but the real kickoff was like 8:25. We walked the last hundred yards or so to Doak. Usually we sit on the southwest side with the old people - this time we chose to go to the northeast side. I will tell you what a big mistake this was later. 

Even at 7:15 - plenty of tickets were being scalped - but in Tallahassee scalping means not above face value - but Walmart prices. An older fellow was walking by - I looked at his tickets. Face value was $100 - his seats were on the 20 yard line - row 39. I asked him how much - he said make an offer.  I said $30 each - he said fine. His wife and friends wanted to get into the stadium early. I settled way too early - I got have gotten much better tickets at a much batter price. Lulu hate to haggle - she is afraid someone "important" will see her - so I settled. 

The gate was right there - we went to the "no bags" entrance. My cokes were in the nether region - we walked right in. We were at our seats at 7:15 - over and hour form the kickoff. We were there way too early. FSU games are long - 4 hours - no need to tack another hour on the front end - and then Lulu wanted to stay for fireworks. 

The weather was great - the crowd did arrive earlier than usual. The worst part was that we were right next to the student section. I sound like a crank when I say the students get too wound up - but with the drinking and the late hour - it was not fun. Also - it is beyond me why they want to stand the whole game. I hate all that up and down stuff. From now on - I will not settle for anything that is not in sections - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - the old fogey alumni sections. Over there they sit - sit - sit. The sun is never in their eyes. The worst part about sitting there is people telling you how long they have had those seats - and how much they have to pay to sit there. I wonder if the seats are so great - why are they selling them to me for $20?

The Clemson game has become our rival game. Miami and Florida - are down now. In the past - only those two games mattered. 4 of the last 5 years have seen the winner of this game winning the ACC. Before we entered the ACC - Clemson was the big dog - or should I say the big cat.

Just 3 days ago - 95% of the FSU fans would have had to google to find out the second string QB's name for FSU. Sean Maguire was getting to start his first game ever. His parents had even sold or given away their game tickets thinking their kid would ride the bench. But when you have a smoking gun Heisman QB - you never know when lightning will hit. It hit on Friday at 11 PM - when the FSU acting president decided to sit our quarterback down for cursing. He said - "F her in her P." The president obviously does not watch Orange Is The New Black.

The Noles stunk up the first half - they were a little better the second half. The TV concentrated on the suspended QB all night. After all he did steal crab legs - and did yell out the F and P thingy. And a  girl last year decided not to pursue a sex charge because she was so drunk. With the NFL in such a spousal abuse snit - the NCAA - FSU - and ABC had to do something. 

FSU played a little better in the third quarter and finally tied it up in the 4th with a couple of lucky plays. In the overtime it was all FSU - and they won by 7. The point spread at game time was 10 - so it all happened as the mob scripted it. FSU won - the QB was suspended - and the politically correct were happy. I image the TV ratings were thru the roof. I hope everyone is as happy when the video comes out - it always does. 

The game was over before midnight - the crowd surprisingly stuck around. FSU won. Now the rest of the season is a list of cupcakes to fatten up on. I am guessing a second Heisman is out of the picture. I am guessing the QB will "shut the ---- up." But the Title IX Committee looms over all the action. I give 50/50 odds of the QB finishing the season. 

Lulu and I hopped on the scooter - went straight east on Jefferson Street - then cut over to College Avenue - crossed over Monroe and had a free shot home - got there at 12:35. 

In bed - Lulu put on the game video - and this morning she woke up not remember a single play on the screen. What a life - she was just promoted to full professor - she designed a new house - found her dream garnet BMW convertible - and her Noles won their 19th in a row - a new record. What does she do for an encore - she is going to Disneyworld. 

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