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Sunday, July 06, 2014

One Night In Downtown Charleston SC - On Way To Grandkids

The US Custom House in Charleston SC

About 400 miles up the road from Tallahassee is Charleston SC. At one time 40% of all the slaves that came to America came through this port. In the harbor is Fort Sumter. In 1861 - the Civil War started here when the rebels attacked the fort being held by a skeleton crew of Yankees. It fell quickly - giving the other Southern states the bravado to rebel.

Today - Charleston is the beautiful home of the Citadel - South Carolina's military college. Downtown is one of the most charming cities in America.

We are staying at the Doubletree Hotel on Market Street next to where many slaves were brought on shore and sold in the markets. The French Quarter reminds one of a cleaner New Orleans without the loud music and boozing. At the dock you can take the ferry to Fort Sumter.

Tomorrow we will get up early - tour the Citadel - then drive 400 miles north to Richmond VA - where Drew - Robin - Jack and Kate live. We will spend a week there watching the kids - while the honeymooners celebrate their 10th anniversary.

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