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Sunday, July 27, 2014

It Looks Like A Mole Attacked Our Yard

The moles were active at Seminole View.

Do you remember the Looney Tunes of the 1950s? I loved the ones about the moles that would dig up yards making furrows that looked like railroad tracks. This weekend our yard looks like one of those cartoons. 

This trencher did the hard work of digging up our yard.

I rented a trencher. It is a really neat device that digs a trench for wires and pipes. For $80 a day - you can make these neat little tranches without butchering your lawn too much. I can't get my moneysworth any more - I have to stop for a lot of rests. I probably picked the hottest and most humid time to dig. The local rental shop give you a break if you rent on a Friday -you pay one day - and you get to use the tool the whole weekend. That was a good thing - because my job went slower than I expected. I would go broke as an electrician. 

Friday - I dug the trench for the main power wire to the garage. I put it a foot deep for safety. Next I put a conduit in connecting the house and garage. 

Saturday - I ran a 30 amp 220 volt line to the garage. In the garage - I split it to have both 220 and 110 volt circuits. This will be adequate if we ever buy an electric car.We could charge it in our own garage. 

Sunday - Lulu helped as we ran trenches for a wire to the satellite TV dish and water for the garage. the hardest part of this work was finding the little pipe tunnels I put under the sidewalks. A couple of marker flags would have saved a couple hours. I quickly found out that it is a lot easier trenching downhill. Near the end I was feeling my oats - I decided to run a water line to Lulu's flower garden. That was easy enough - I put the tools away - then went inside to take a shower. The rest of the day was mine to loaf. 

I went to my computer to update my web page - no internet. Could it be possible that I cut the Comcast cable line one more time? I went outside to find the cut cable. I will call the cable company in the morning. The wire is too big for me to splice. I would have to settle for an emergency drop from the pole directly to my office. I am typing this story over that little white wire hanging out the windows.

Tomorrow at 9AM I return the trencher to the rental store. Hopefully it is not too hot to lay the plastic pipe so I can wash cars in the garage - and Lulu can water her flowers.

The gray wire goes from our house to the garage thru the conduit in the trench. The yellow wire went along for the ride as a spare.

Under our porch are 4 conduits going outside from the circuit box.

This trench and conduit goes to the garage.

The power line gong to the garage enter in pipes buried in the foundation.

The wires come out inside the garage

The garage circuit box has both 220 and 110 volt circuits.

There is plenty of room for future circuit. The yellow one goes to the garage door openers.

A longer trench goes back to the satellite TV dish. That wires is only  6 inches deep.

The satellite TV wire goes from the gray box and will enter the trench. 

This trench will carry water to the garage.

The wires and pipes cross under the sidewalk thru pipe tunnels.

Here you can see the Comcast Cable Internet wire that  I cut.

This trench will be a hose bib for Lulu's flower gardens.

This is my emergency internet wire running out the wheel to the pole. Tomorrow I will call Comcast.

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