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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How To Spend 8 Days In Las Vegas Free - And Come Home $1000 Richer Without Gambling

Harry sprinting out of a Vegas Boeing 757 before it lifts off for Atlanta - without him.

They do not call me The Trailing Spouse for nothing. I picked up from my 55 year home in Tamaqua PA to follow Lulu to Tallahassee FL - 10 years ago. I have done absolutely nothing except - attend FSU sporting events - buy and sell homes - cars - campers - and furniture. 

Lulu travels all over the world. I go along to carry her bags. Her motto is - Have Husband Will Travel. In the 10 years - we have been to England - France - Germany - Italy - Greece - Thailand - Hong Kong - Korea - Ireland - Scotland - Belgium - Sweden - Denmark - Switzerland - Australia - New Zealand - Brazil - Mexico - Cuba - Canada - and others I have forgotten. 

Lulu flies in her duties as an FSU professor. She has earned so many award miles that usually I can fly along for free. Her expenses are paid by the job - I must pay for my flights. Lulu's hotels are paid - I get to sleep for free on a carpet at the foot of her bed  :-)

Last week we flew to Las Vegas on Delta Airlines thru Atlanta. I used frequent flyer miles to buy my ticket. Since Lulu has gold medal status with Delta this means sometimes she flies first class and I fly steerage. 

When we fly - we often volunteer to give our seats up for credit. If you are not in a hurry to get home - they will award you to use your seat when they overbook. They make lots of money selling seats several times. 

This morning we showed up at the Las Vegas Airport at 8 AM. We heard them offer "bumps" - volunteer tickets for the flight before ours to Atlanta. We were very excited and volunteered for our flight. Boarding time came and went - we got on our plane - stowed our bags - and sat in out seats. We were disappointed - thinking we would get bumped. Then suddenly - the attendant came to us nd said - where are my volunteers.

Excited we popped out of our seats - and ran to the counter. I broke into a full sprint carrying two suitcases like they were relay batons. When I got to the counter they offered $400 each - when I pouted a little saying they offered $500 earlier - the attendants quickly relented. Not only did they offer us $1000 - they gave Lulu a first class ticket and put me in a wide exit row. 

Our flight leaves at 3 PM - it is 1 PM now - as I type. They are already announcing overbooked flights to Minneapolis. Could we possibly get a second bump? 

To take home $1000 - we would have to earn $2000 before taxes. This vouchers are 100% transferable. Maybe they will fly the grandkids for a visit - they could be sold on craigslist. One thing for certain - Although these vouchers happened in Vegas - they certainly won't stay in Vegas.

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