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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our 16 Hour Day in Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom

On Wednesday - Lulu and I drove the Prius to Disneyworld. We just wanted a "not business related" trip to enjoy together. For years we have been taking groups to Florida from Pennsylvania - and Disneyworld provides us with so many good memories. Now our grandkids are old enough to enjoy magic so we wanted to get a practice run in - before they returned to Florida. 

Lulu wanted a quick picture with Minnie. We did not want towait in line for face time.

We spent Wednesday evening on the Disney property having supper and visiting our old haunts. Bright and early Thursday morning - we got up and drove our car from our hotel to the Contemporary Hotel. We entered the property thru the back way avoiding the parking admission. Our car spent the day at the Contemporary Hotel. We were able to buy our Magic Kingdom passes at the hotel avoiding all the lines. We could not avoid the list price of $99 each. That was the price for one park for one day.

Granddaughter Kate loves Rapunzel and her long hair. Lulu had a personal chat with her - and told her that Kate was coming soon.

Our main theme was to pace ourselves - do a lot of sitting - and a lot of eating. The Magic Kingom has some of the great snacks - candy apples - pastries - ice cream - and Dole whip. We took the monorail train to the Grand Floridian Hotel for a break at the beach and a wonderful sit-down supper. At 7 PM it was back into the park for a final 6 hours. 

Cinderella never gets old - Lulu was gushing like a little girl.

Near the end - the lines for the rides died down. We ended up walking onto the Grand Prix Racers after midnight - and flew the Flying Dumbos under a beautiful sky - alone. We had a Carousel of Progress theater all to ourselves - literally - not another soul. 

A new section called the Storybook Circus fills a corner of Fantasyland.

At 1 AM - people slowly made their way out the gates. We walked about 1/4 mile to our car - started it up and by 1:30 we were in our room. 

Still one of my favorites is the train ride. Our friend Carl recently drove the train at Disneyworld thanks to a special gift form MaryLou.

The Griswald's made an appearance. this must happens thousands of times every day.

I am tempted to trim our pine trees like this - Disney's gardens are lovely.

Lulu got a fast pass to go on Space Mountain. I do not remember it being that bumpy. Now each car has 3 individual seats - no tandem riding now.

The Hall of Presidents reminds me of Philadelphia. There was a short rain shower and we spent it in there.

A second shower hit us when we were in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. What great little rooms.

We spent a downpour here waiting for the rain to stop.

Lulu loves her libraries - even this open air library at the Swiss Family robinson Tree House.

We had a Fast Pass for Splash Mountain. Too bad they were running it empty when it was our turn. We did not wait.

Tom Sawyer Island is a very private spot in Disneyworld. You can take a raft out there and explore and hide. 

This young family was on the green by Main Street USA.

Lulu loves the Christmas shop. One picture prevents a need to buy everything.

I should go back and collect all the pictures of us in front of this big fiberglass replica.

Peter Pan's Flight Over London has special meaning for us. Lulu has taken us to Never Never Land many times  - sometimes in London.

Small World has been completely renovated. The colors are brighter - the music is the same.

We had a beach - drink - supper break at the Grand Floridian Hotel.

Disney has their own credit system now. A guest wears a bracelet. It has a computer chip in it. It allows you to go into the parks - into your hotel room - buy food - have drinks - shop. You can change the setting so that each kids can only do so many things or spent so much money. You just hold your bracelet next to the Mickey reader.

Our turn to be "The Honeymooners."

This parade has been join ton over 30 years. The light and sound coordination still holds up well. It also makes anyone with a camera an expert.

You ride with Peter Pan over London. Here is Big Ben - the Thames River - and the Tower Bridge. 

Lulu rode the Grand Prix at 12:30. You never forget that special odor of gasoline - flowers - and Disney.

Dumbo was impossible to get on until the end. 

at 1 PM you walked right onto Dumbo.

By midnight - we were running on fumes. But Disneyworld never disappoints. I would not bring young kids here in the hot summer crowded months. I couldn't take it.

Goofy and I were waving goodbye at 1 AM

As we left - they were still making candy. 
On Friday - we drove home. We stopped to look at furniture in Orlando and Tesla Cars in Casselberry. We had supper in Gainesville and were home before the sun set.

A note by Lulu:  Harry was a good sport walking for miles and miles back and forth so that I could keep trying to get on the new Seven Dwarfs mine ride.  The wait time started in the beginning of the day at 4 hours, then dropped until it was one hour at midnight.  I wasn't willing to wait that long so maybe the next time.  They said all fast passes were taken for this ride for the next 60 days.  I don't know how that works if you are not already in the park.  He also indulged waiting to see the princesses with me as my excuse was I was checking it out for Kate.  His only grumble was when I bought new Disney drink coasters to replace his that look like rubber tires.

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