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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hofbrauhaus - The Everhart's Visit Their Roots

Lulu my lovely German maiden after supper at the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas.

The Everhart name comes from Bavaria. It started out as Eberhard - but over the years has been Anglicized to its present form. Whenever we go to Germany - we gravitate to Munich and the Hofbrauhaus. It is a 400 year old brewery turned into a social hall. It is owned by the State of Bavaria. They market a very mild smooth wheat beer that has become very popular. In that building in Europe - the Nazi party was formed by Hitler. We are not proud of that - it is just a fact of life. 

They have built a replica of the beer hall in Las Vegas about a mile off the Strip east of our hotel. 

I am amazed at all the pretty dresses that Lulu was able to squeeze into her one bag for this trip. Last night - she looked like a pretty blonde German bar maiden. Carrying 2 full liter mugs - she could have been mistaken as none of the cast member. 

In the beer hall - you sit at long tables with benches that can hold 10 people. You sit with stranger - but not for long. There is a band playing - but the tunes are more popular than oom-pah. There were a few drinking songs - and lots of mug hoisting. 

One quirky tradition that has developed here is spanking. If you order a Jaegermeister shot for $5 - they serve it on a paddle - and then you bend over and get paddled. We are not talking love taps here. Men and women alike bend over for this blast. It reminded me so much of my early days at the middle school. See my video and many others on Youtube. You can bet I did not ordered and shots.

We ordered 2 liters of HB Beer.  Next soft pretzels with mustard dip. If I had to choose one food forever - it might be German soft pretzels. My main course was chicken and noodles - Lulu had potato salad and sausage. The deserts we Black Forest Chocolate Cake with ice cream - and Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce. 

We stayed until our liter mugs were empty - then stumbled to the Hard Rock Casino across the street - and finally took a short cab home. 

Our trip is flying away at lightning speed. Lulu is busy today - but tomorrow is ours. We plan to rent a car and drive 90 miles northeast of the city to Valley of Fire State Park - the oldest state park in Nevada. We love the desert climate and topography. You can see for miles because of the absence of big trees. The mountains are young and jagged. They get maybe 10 inches of rain a year - in Florida -we can have that much in a weekend. 

At first I thought it was some joke - not so. Watch this fellow get lifted a bit.

Singing in a German beer hall reminds me of all the bad World War II movies I have watched. Remember when the History Channel was - All Hitler All The Time? 

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