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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dick and Jan Davis - What Happens In Vegas Stays On My Web Page

Our old Tamaqua PA friends - Jan and Dick Davis - insisted on being the host of our anniversary dinner. They took us to one of their favorite restaurants in Caesar's Palace. They muster be regulars there because they knew all the hosts - had their favorite table waiting - did not spend much time on the menu or wine list. The food was fantastic - but our old gab sessions about Tamaqua were even better. I certainly never went near the bill :-)

Jan and Dick Davis lived in downtown Tamaqua. They ran the town's premier funeral home along the Schuylkill River. They moved to Arizona - now living in Maricopa. Their kids are our kids' ages - and like us - they are grandparents from afar. You may re-call we spent some time in London with them. 

After dinner - we walked across to the Flamingo Casino where the top ranked Vegas show - Donny and Marie is playing. Jan has gotten advanced tickets so we walked right in to our table. We loved the show - it was very upbeat. Either Donny or Marie was on stage the entire time - helping it up with the dancers and the band. They show many pictures and video form the 

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