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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shelby America Cobra 289 - They Make Them in Las Vegas - We Are Going There in 3 Weeks

Shelby Cobra 289.

No sun visors - no wind up windows.

You had to reach inside the window to open the door. No AC.

This is a Shelby Cobra. In 1962 - Carroll Shelby took a British AC Bristol body - and dropped a Ford 289 V8 in it. Less than 1000 were made. They immediately became the benchmark for sports car performance. At the time - one could be purchased for $6000. 

A few years later Shelby started putting Ford 427 engines in the same car. They were tuned to 450 horsepower. Imagine that in a car that weighed only 2800 pounds. The Chevy Corvette could not come close. 50 years later - the car holds up well.

In 1962 - I wrote to Carroll Shelby about the car. I was in 9th grade. He sent me a typewritten specification sheet. I have saved few things in life - but that is one of them. That and my 1969 Rolling Stones ticket. 

An original car in excellent condition gets over one million dollars on the auction block. Now Shelby America in Las Vegas is making cars using the same plans. 

The only thing that changes - the price is $70,000.

I will visit the place in 3 weeks.

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