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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Push off

It is 4:20 and we promptly brushed off. We are having fantastic weather For Boston -74 and bright sun.

Surprised the ship is full. About 800. We have seen 1 kid! Mom looks like miss America - she looks like the youngest person on board.

We are about 1 mile east of the south train station. We walked here from our hotel. About 2 miles.

It is a nice ship - veendam. About900 feet long. 14 decks. A theatre. Library. Casino. A large dining room. And a cafeteria on top deck. The pool roof opens and closes. There is a basketball court.

We are almost clear the harbor now just south of the airport.

Bar harbor tomorrow.

Mom loves not having work to do. Just relaxing and me not having the net. :-)

Bon voyage!


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