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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fort Myers - Today We Toured Edison's and Ford's Winter Homes

We drove from Fort Lauderdale across the Everglades to Fort Myers. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had winter cottages in this town. For 50 years - they used to spend time together in this small subtropical town. They had laboratories there - and experimented to find a substitute for rubber. they found that the goldenrod could be converted into rubber to make car tires. 

Edison called his winter cottage - Seminole Lodge. It had frontage on the main street and its back yard was on the bay. Ships could sail from NYC and park at Edison's dock.

Henry Ford enjoyed camping with Edison. 

Ford called his cottage Mangoes because of a prominent fruit there.

In the Ford bookstore was book about Florida Crackers. 

Edison had a guest house attache dot his porch so both he and guests could have privacy.

Tonight we are staying at a hotel close by.

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