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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cruise Day 8 - Saturday - Cruise Ended in Quebec

The last evening on the ship in Quebec was a little melancholy. It was like the least day of summer camp - you have to return to the real world. You will probably never get to see these folks again. If you ever return to - Quebec - Sydney - Halifax - Bar Harbor - Boston - it will not be the same at "the first time."

Lulu and I travel light now - we each had one bag. We packed them - went to breakfast - then walked off the ship onto another adventure. 

Today we did some shopping in Quebec. Then we got our rental car and drove to Concord MA. We are staying in a Residence Inn Suite for tonight. Then tomorrow we catch our flight home from Boston. Residence Inn's are great - giant apartments - free wifi - free breakfast - free parking - all for $85.

Nick said - "We will always have Paris" - at Casablanca. Lulu and I will always have Quebec - Paris without the attitude. Quebec is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. It is very romantic. Restaurants were reasonably price too. American dollars are worth 10 cent more there.

One last food note - we were at the buffet last night - Lulu saw a couple New York Strip Steaks on the grill. She asked about them. The host said we could have had strip streaks for every meal - cooked to suit. Of cruise I answered with - one - medium. 

I am not an egg man - but this shows you some of the variety of the food - this morning.

Theis Quebec Christmas store was over the top.

The Noel Shoppe was just down the street form the Frontenac Hotel. We rode the electric mini bus around down again this morning. 

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