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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cruise Day 2 – Bar Harbor ME – Lobster – Huckleberry Pie - Contraband


We pulled into Bar Harbor about 6 AM. We had breakfast in the buffet lounge on the top deck. Then they ferried us ashore on one of the life boats – about 70 people at a time.


Bar Harbor was overcast all day – but no rain – it was only 50 but there was no wind and it was nice. We shopped – looked at scenery – had lobster and blueberry pie – before we went back to the ship. Even though they do a body search when you get back on ship – a pint of Canadian Club slipped through. I guess this is what they meant when they said Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger. Bar Harbor must be busy in the summer – but this day it seemed that our ship kept the stores busy. Lulu got some blueberry soap.

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