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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

16 Things Rich People Do

 by Dave Ramsey

1.They eat less junk food.
70% of the wealthy eat 200 calories or less of junk food. 97% of the poor eat more than 300 calories a day of junk food.

2.They gamble less.
23% of wealthy gamble - 52% of poor people do.

3. They keep schedule planners.
81% of wealthy have a to do list. 19% of poor keep planners.

4. They exercise.
76% of rich people exercise 3-4 days a week. 23% of poor do the same.

5. They listen to audio books.
63% rich - 5% poor.

6. They make their kids read.
63% of rich make their kids read 2 books a month. 3% of poor do the same.

7. They make their kids volunteer.
70% makes kids do 10 hours a month. 3% of poor do.

8. They read to get smarter.
88% of rich read 30 minutes a day. 2% of poor do it.

9. They do not speak their mind.
6% of wealthy speak their mind. 69% of poor do.

10. They get up early.
44% of rich get up 3 hours before work. 3% of poor do that.

11. They network.
70% of wealthy network 5 hours a month. 16% of poor do.

12. They don’t watch reality TV.
6% of wealthy watch - 78% of poor watch.

13. They watch little TV.
67% of rich watch a maximum of one hour a day. 23% of poor watch under 1 hour a day.

14. They think good habits mean opportunities.
84% of rich believe in good habits. 4% of poor do.

15. They believe in life-long education.
86% of wealthily believe. 5% of poor believe.

16. They read a lot.
86% of rich love to read. 26% of poor love to read.

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