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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our First Overnight Visitors Were Coal Crackers Carl and Marylou Zimmerman for Springtime Tallahassee

Lulu - Marylou - Carl - and I had a nice weekend. They were our first new overnight guests.

On Thursday the last skid of sod was laid on the lawn of our new home - just in time for our Friday visitors - Carl and Marylou Zimmerman. Carl is really my cousin - but Lulu and Marylou were the closest of friends in Tamaqua. Their kids were the same age and they just progressed up the ladder - play group - school sports - college graduation - marriage - and grandkids. 

Our sod got a real challenge. Friday while Carl and Marylou were driving from their snowbird home near Tampa - Tallahassee had hours of deluge. I never saw such rain since we have been here. Even though the water was flowing in sheets - the sod held - and no erosion. I had to greet Carl and Marylou with  umbrellas. 

Lulu was busy preparing an apple pie - a special salad - and pasta for our guests. They did not disappoint us with a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne to toast our new home. We gabbed into the late hours while the house was pelted with 2 inches of rain. 

Friday night - Lulu also had landed a nice pair of front row tickets to the Broadway Musical - Urinetown. Despite the name - it was a fun show - with fantastic singers.

In the morning we woke up to the Springtime Tallahassee Run - with runners slopping through the pouring rain right in front of our house. The big parade was to begin at 10:30 - but we decided we would not sit in the rain. 15 minutes after the parade started - the clouds parted and it was sunny. The rest for the day was beautiful and we went to the downtown festival - a sand volleyball tournament - some shopping - and a visit to the governor's mansion. 

Sunday morning - we piled into Carl's Cadillac and rode down to Wakulla Springs for dinner. We ate in ther old 1920s grand dining room. I love their world famous fried chicken. On the way home we stopped at the Tallahassee Flea Market - what a bunch of junk.

The weekend ended way too quickly. At 4 PM - we packed their bags into the car - and off they went for the 5 hour (260 mile) trip home. Lulu and I waved from our rockers on the porch. I am writing this at 9 PM and just received and email that they made it back to Tampa safely. In April - they will return to their home in our Hometown of Tamaqua. 

The weather forecast is 5 days with zero chance of rain and temperatures in the 80s. Wish it came two days sooner.

Lulu used her new kitchen to prepare a great scratch meal. We ended the night with the gift of Dom Perignon Champagne. 

Florida State beat LSU - USC - and Jacksonville in a sand volleyball tournament. In the back ground in the shade are Lulu - Marylou - Carl.

Watching the volleyball match in the shade with the medical school and psychology school behind them are the 3 coal crackers.

A doubt of the governor was in - the place looked quiet - but pretty.

On Christmas they open the mansion to tours. 

All that rainfall filled the pond behind our old home. 

Marylou took this picture.....

.....And then she insisted I carry Lulu across the threshold. 

With sadness - we waved goodbye from our rockers as Carl and Marylou drove home to Tampa.

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