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Monday, March 03, 2014

Ich Bin Eine Berliner Nicht

Lulu loves Miami South Beach like no other place on earth. She just glows there. Here we are at the Loews Hotel. Did you know we honeymooned here in 1971?

Our 6 day trip to Berlin only lasted 30 hours. The full story is coming later. Our plane from Miami to Berlin had problems with a flap. It was cancelled after we waited 4 hours. We did have a nice day in Miami South Beach before the flight and a wonderful free night at the EB Hotel in Miami. All of our money for the trip was refunded. So we flew to Miami - stayed in a 4-star hotel - and flew home - all for free. 

A big story is coming with pictures. Stay tuned. We are back at 1816 Seminole Drive in Tallahassee.

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