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Sunday, January 05, 2014

While We were Shacking Up in Our Disabled Camper in Sarasota - the Elfs were Busy with Shutters and Cabinets

This is the kitchen Lulu designed. It is dominated by the large island that can serve as a work table - dinner table - bar - or aircraft carrier. If I were in the Molly MacGuires - they would have my wake on it. 

Friday - Day 92 - Lulu and I were in Sarasota enjoying being Florida residents. Back at the project a lot was being done. Three subcontractors were at work on the shutters - cabinets - and counter tops. The house seems like a different place - the end is in sight.

This morning Lulu and I sneaked down - just like kids on Christmas morning inspecting all their booty.

The top cabinets will have glass doors - in the top half.

The island has 7 big drawers and 2 big cabinets. There is electricity in the island but no water. that 4 feet by 9 feet slab weighs 1300 pounds.

The house interior is mostly a plain mission style. On this side of the bar will be stools.

The panels on the end are exactly like the solid panel doors throughout the house. 

You can see the stack of the giant range hood. In the attic is a line pump that will suck all the odors to the outside. It will be perfectly silent - but could empty the house air in 3 minutes. Note the kitchen pantry.

These cabinets are in the laundry room. There will be a counter for folding laundry on the boards.

These shutters open up from the kitchen/dining room to the back porch and yard.

This is the living room - front door - and 3 front windows - shutters open. It was hard planning windows that were perfectly space outside.

The guest shower has a window and shutters. They are glued to the tile. The window can be opened to shower in fresh air.

The shower head is on the left in the guest bathroom. With the bottom slats closed and the top slats open - Harry can shower and watch the cars go by. Drivers can only see his head - if they could look up 150 feet from the street going 70 MPH.

The guest bathroom has a double mission style vanity. It is made of cherry. It will have a white marble top with two formed square sinks. 6 drawers. 2 cabinets.

The front guest bedroom with shutters. Note the cracks around the edges - it is because the light stops and magnets have not yet been installed.

This flash picture of the same bedroom shows the pale green paint.

The bedroom closets are huge. Note the door panels. There are 3 clothes rods.

Closet doors closed - south side shutters has slats open. No curtains ever.

The master bath vanity is cherry. It will have a marble top with round sinks.

On the left is the master closet - middle is the laundry cabinets - right is the door to the dining/kitchen.

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