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Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Moved Into Our New Home - Hell Froze Over - We Closed Interstate 10 From Here To Alabama

This morning we had icicles on our new home. 

On our old home we had ice on the pool screen.

Lulu and I spent 3 nights in the new home. The weather has been testing our new heating system. Temperatures were in the 20s - add to that rain - sleet - snow - wind. We had a taste of Pennsylvania.

The Interstate from Alabama to Tallahassee was closed all night. People do not realize that it is 200 miles from here to Pensacola - right across the border from Alabama. That's 3 full hours of driving. 

Our heat pump is designed to come on gradually and go off gradually. Honestly - I have not heard it go on or turn off yet. The condenser is 8 feet away from the north wall - keeping all vibrations outside. The temperature stays right on the nose inside - not just the main floor but the attic. Even though the attic has no vents - the temperature up there is the same as downstairs. The SucraSeal Insulation is over the top of the attic ceiling and it is one foot thick. Also between the attic floor and downstairs ceiling is a 2 foot thick hollow area - for the ducts and wires. 

We do not have everything moved in yet - but the stuff left behind can be transferred a little at a time. Once the new garage is done - we can move everything. We left a skeleton set of furniture to make the house look lived in - but a realtor said it detracts from the house. So I will take pictures and sell all that old furniture on Craigslist.

We are going to list the home for a flat fee. For $300 - the realtor agrees to put it on the Multi-Listing Service - MLS. Every realtor in the world can then see it. All the call would come directly to me - and I would sell it. For that price a professional photographer will take pictures of the house. We could have a lockbox on the front door. 

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