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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today We Hooked Up the City Gas - We installed the Heat Pump - the Fireplace Logs Are Burning

Lulu's fireplace is the first thing you see when you come in the front or back door.

Day 96 was really busy. We had painters - gas men - cabinet men - all working around each other. Reality is setting in - we are probably going to finish in 100 work days just like Gary predicted.

Gary's pretty wife - Cindy - came by for the tour today for the first time. She and Gary are planning a cabin - and they might use our plans. 

Technically - now that we have hot and cold water - heat/AC - electricity - stove - refrigerator - lights - we could move in. First the city must come to make the final inspection. 

City gas fuels the fireplace - the tankless water heater - and the kitchen range.
Back in 1950 - we had a gas stove at our farm burning propane - it had a pilot light -  now a spark lights the burners
Lulu's center piece is the gas fireplace between the living room and dining room.
The inside unit has been in for months - but the outside unit was installed today. 
The gas meter is set and hooked up. We buy our gas and electricity from the city
The north side of the house was busy today. They installed the Rennai tankless water heater in the brown box in the wall. the Trane HVAC unit was mounted and fired up. 
Tomorrow we are going to grade the yard and get ready for the sod. 

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