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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Internet Is Installed - We Are Officially Moved In Now

Comcast crossed the street to my pole.

It's Drew's birthday - and for a while I thought Lulu would have to teach her course from our old house because it had Internet and we didn't. It was sleeting outside and pretty cold - I doubted that Comcast was going to show up like they promised. But around 10 AM - a few trucks were circling out front. Ian Morrow - our Comcast Tech person - was at the door - ready to start the new service.

Simply - it was over 500 feet to the nearest junction. that is why on Monday they could not install it. A special truck came out and made a special tap near our pole. then they ran thick cable to our pole - down the pole - then along the ground. One Ian got to our service box - he and I pulled the thick cable through with a string. It was a tough pull but soon I had the thick cable in my hand in the attic. After that it was easy. Both our cable modem and Apple wireless router are in the attic. Viola - we had wifi.

A work crew will return in a few days to bury our cable - but it is up and running now. The service was excellent - we never expected to have the net in time for Lulu to teach her class at 6 PM.

I just did a speed test - we are getting uploads and downloads of 12 MBPS.

First they had to do a new junction box on the trunk line.

Then Iam Morrow ran the line on the ground to the home entry box.

Next - I pulled the line through the conduit while Ian pushed the other end. 

That is my modem and airport router in the attic. Also coming in that conduit is the Directv line.

Ian Morrow - Comcast Tech person - dressed the cable and attached it to our modem. They also attached sent basic cable to one of our TV's. The little set top boxes are much smaller now. 

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