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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tallahassee Pays You To Install Gas Appliances

The City of Tallahassee provides both electricity and natural gas. They encourage people to switch over to gas appliances because gas is more efficient. Also most of our electricity is produced by burning natural gas. 

Due to the discovery of huge amount of natural gas in the USA using the fracking process - the price of natural gas has dramatically gone down. The fracking industry likes to say that the USA is going to become the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. 

When you install a new gas range in your home in Tallahassee you get a $200 rebate.

When you install gas fireplace logs - $50 is your reward.

In the picture below- your see a brown box imbedded into the wall next to the bathroom window. It holds a tankless gas water heater. This device produces hot water only when the faucet is turned on. These water heaters are very efficient - because you are not wasting money keeping a big tank of water hot all day. The rebate is a whopping $675! Not only do you save gobs of money on the rebate - but the cost of operation is so low. 

Back in 2008 - I installed a tankless water heater in our present home. We put it next to the shower stalls so that when you took a shower - there was no waiting for hot water. We got the $675 rebate then. When we bought the brick house at 1816 Seminole Drive in 2010 - we immediately installed another Rennai tankless gas water heater there - mainly because the city was offering a double rebate. That's right - they gave us $1350 for installing that unit on the house. 

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