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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ringling Museum Amazing - Car Trouble at a Busy Red Light in Front of the Museum

It just got out of my mouth - this camper has performed so well and has been so much fun - let's keep it a long time. As the red light changed I hit the gas and nothing. Lulu got out to wave the cars around me. Just as two nice guys offered to push use to safety it fired up. Lulu hops in for the last 100 yards to the FSU Ringling Museum. We parked in a big empty lot.

I decided that car trouble would not ruin or museum visit. And I am glad we went in. It was about noon.

The Ringling Museum is spectacular. John Ringling made millions with the circus. So he bought tons of art in Europe. He build this giant art museum and civic center right next to his bay side mansion. It was finished during the depression and he went into deep debt. Both he and his wife only enjoyed the lovely mansion a couple years. He made a deal to give Florida all if the art and museum if they kept it intact. He died with $300!

The miniature circus display takes up 4000 square feet. It is so detailed it is frightening.

The best part was - FSU employees are admitted free. Retired teachers $10. You could easily spend a day there.

Around 3 we decided to leave. We wanted to meet Mary Lou and Carl for supper near Tampa. We hoped the van would perform well after a rest.

We hopped in. It started right up. No - no bus - message. We drove around the parking lot a few minutes. Things were good. We got to the first red light and poof. It died. Another line of cars built up behind us. It took a couple of minutes to limp into the Sarasota dog track lot.

We call Good Sam. They found us a garage 2 miles away and lumped there. The service guys were out on a run. We pulled our cocoon around the back. That is where I am typing my tale to you.

Lulu is making supper. We are watching the news of the terrible weather in tamaqua and Tallahassee. It is warm here in Sarasota. We may end up staying here tonight. Who knows! We are safely off the road in a nice area.

This all started by me remarking how wonderful the roadtrek performed. My next story will tell you how this turns out. It will also include lots of pictures of Ringlings House and Museums.

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