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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

FSU Beats Auburn 34-31 To Win the National Football Championship - And We Stayed Home

We attend almost all of the Seminole football games. But we decided to not travel to Pasadena for the big game. Usually when we miss a victory on the road - we say we wish we were there. But this time I am glad we watched it at home.

Our friend Jim had rented a beach house in Malibu for the game. He invited us to stay there free of charge. He even had a limo to take us all to the game. But I was just too tight to pay for the plane tickets and game tickets.

In 1993 - The boys and I went to Miami to see FSU beat Nebraska in a last second thriller. We got good seats for $10 - the kids remind me we got two good seats for $10 each - and I squeezed them into that small space with me. But when FSU finally won - I looked up for the sky to open up and to see God smile on the Noles - it did not happen. There were just a bunch of nuts running around the field throwing their arms in the air. Me - I had to drive home to Pennsylvania with two kids in the car to get them back for school. I was still teaching so I also had to get back to the classroom myself.

In 1996 - we drove to New Orleans to see FSU get beat by Florida. Tickets were impossible to get. Lulu pulled a few tricks to get some - but after getting soundly thrashed by the Gators - not only did I have to drive Keith back to Tallahassee where he was a student - but then the rest of us had to drive back to Tamaqua - another 1000 miles.

In 1998 - when the Noles played Tennessee in the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix - we sent the boys to the game alone. The Noles lost again - and Lulu and I were very happy we did not go.

In 2001 - the Noles were playing Oklahoma in Miami for the championship. Since Drew lived there then - we were happy just to be able to visit with him. We even lucked out and bought 5 great tickets together for $40 each - right on the 50 yard line! The Noles laid an egg there too.

Lulu and I watched tonight's game alone on our big screen. We had some snacks - Lulu dozed off once when the Noles were losing. It was an exciting end - we expected the Seminoles to dominate - but they didn't. It took a little luck to win by 3 - but they won.

The Noles have just had the best college football season ever - not just for FSU - but for the country. They won each game by an average of 40 points - they scored more points than any team in history - but that was mainly due to the two extra games added in the season. We played 14 games - way too many.

Jameis Winston - FSU's freshman quarterback won the Heisman Trophy and now he has a National Championship Trophy to match it. No freshman has even done that before. Today was his 20th birthday. At this time next year he will leave college early to become a professional in the NFL. He will probably sign a contract for $25 million. Life goes on.

Jimbo Fisher in his 4th season AB (after Bobby) won the national championship. He signed a 5 year contract that pays him at least $4 million a year. Meanwhile Texas is chasing him around offering him even more money.

Nike will sell lots of shirts and shoes - making billions - and a large majority of athletes will get nothing. No cash - no education - no degree. Many of them will be maimed for life.

During the regular season - Lulu and usually get into FSU games for $10 to $20 a ticket. Even with an undefeated season - FSU seldom fills the stadium. In Florida it is perfectly legal to sell any tickets for what the market will bear. After attending so many games for next to nothing - you can see why I chose to stay home from Pasadena. Besides - I can see the game so much better on TV. I think I am turning into my Dad.

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