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Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 98 - The Kitchen Is Complete - The Cleaning Crew Arrived

The kitchen is complete - made completely of cherry wood from scratch by Kevin Rodgers of Woodville.

For the next 10 days we are supposed to have 0% chance of rain. It will let the ground dry out for grading and sodding. 

Inside - Kevin completed the kitchen. He installed some cabinet doors and drawers. The wood corbels completed the motif. Gary also installed the towel racks - toilet paper holders - and towel hooks.

The island is surrounded by cabinets and drawers. Notice the wood corbels which match the fireplace mantles. The granite slab weighs 1300 pounds. The fireplace mantles will be installed tomorrow.

A heated towel rack seems frivolous until you try one. Lulu bought one about 7 years ago - and it is great. It only uses 50 watts of power  - but it keeps your towels warm and dry. In Florida with the humidity - it seems your towels are always wet. This ends that. It can also be used to hang wet bathing suits.

All the Branbury hardware matches the faucets - not only brushed nickel color but the specific design motif.

A home is not official until toilet paper is hanging there.

The laundry has cabinets and a clothes folding table. There is a hanging rod under the table.

A regular brushed nickel towel rack.

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