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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 97 - Kitchen Drawers Installed - Cabinet and Drawer Knobs Placed - LED Lights in Kitchen and Bathroom - Painting - Grading Outside

The guest bathroom got cabinet drawers - cabinet knobs - and LED lights above the mirror. The shower tile was sealed. 

Temperatures dropped down into the 20s last night but the house had heat and was toasty this morning. The day was spent tying up a lot of loose ends. 

Tomorrow - the rest of the kitchen cabinet doors will be installed - the shelves will be put in place - and a little trim will spice it up. 

The mantles for the fireplace will be installed. They will be made of cherry wood and match the kitchen cabinets - both in color and design.

The master bath got faucets. Everybody loves Lulu's bathrooms and kitchen. 

The master bath vanity got a wall mirror - drawers - and cabinet knobs.

Lulu's bathtub looks like a tea cup. It is acrylic. They put a sheet of acrylic in a mold and squeeze it. Then add layers of fiberglass underneath.

The kitchen still has a few details to finish - but it got the drawers installed - the cabinet knobs installed - some cabinet doors - and LED lights in the cabinets. The four lighted top cabinets will have glass doors.

Miller Glass was in and out in about 20 minutes. They glued in 2 charge mirrors above the vanities. They glass was a perfect fit. They commented at how square the frame was for the fit.

Robert Norton started grading the land outside. He will complete that tomorrow and be ready for the sod on Monday.

Here Robert is leveling a spot for the 3 car garage. 

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