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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watch Harry Wreck His Segway

The Segway has two very powerful electric motors and several gyros. You go forward by leaning forward - slow down and stop by leaning back. You have a tiller that controls left and right. It reminds me very much of flying a helicopter. Until you get used to it - the hardest thing to do is be perfectly still.  You must be very careful to not push the tiller too far left and right because it can get away from you. People have been known to twist and ankle or knee doing that

We were scheduled for a one hour lesson and ride - but the guy extended it to 2 hours. By the endof two hours - your legs are a little sore from all the standing and balancing. After about 20 minutes - you feel like an expert.

Segways cost $6000 new. They can do 12 MPH for about 22 miles. The lithium battery canbe charged fully about 1500 miles. A big part of the price is the battery.

We looked pretty dorky riding around with helmets on. About as dorky as women wearing those high high heels.

If I could get a deal on one I would buy it - and have Lulu ride the 2 miles to work everyday on it - with her books in a backpack.

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