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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Lake Behind Our House

That is our backyard where my golf cart is. You can also see George's house 3 doors to the left.

Yesterday I went down to our lake front to cut the grass and weeds. The lake is about 100 yard from our house and about 30 feet lower in elevation.

A couple of weeks ago some guys that live across the street asked if they could fish in the lake/pond. Of course I said sure. I have been living here 9 years and have not cast a line in the water the whole time. Later - I saw the guys pretty excited. They got 11 hits in a half hour. We are not just talking sunnies here. They showed me a picture phone of a 15 inch large mouth bass!

They even left a small boat with an electric motor and battery. What the heck - no one was around - why not take a little boat ride?

It was pretty neat. The lake looks so quiet and peaceful. You would never think you were only 1 miles from the Capitol Building - right in the middle of a noisy town.

I had my camera with me - so I shot this video.

At the Red A is the Capitol Building - in the lower right corner is our pond. You can also see the construction of our new park just southeast of the Capitol.

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