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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Indiana Sweeps The Noles - Goes To The World Series in Omaha

Lulu and Danny just got home from the baseball game. They are still squinting from a day outside. Danny was an Indiana University professor for 33 years. Now he is driving "Back Home Again In Indiana" after the Hoosiers swept the Noles - 2 games to zero. Danny wore his IU hat home - a very old IU hat.

I was hoping the series would have gone to 3 games for Danny to get his money's worth out of the long drive. Turns out that 2 games were enough.

Yesterday Danny Callison and I sat through a 4 and 1/2 hour game in the stinking hot heat of Tallahassee to watch the Hoosiers beat the Seminoles 10-9.

Today Lulu and Danny went to a must win game for the Seminoles. They had seats under cover just in case the sun or the rain was brutal - neither happened. The only downpour they got was the 11-6 drubbing Indiana laid on FSU. It started with a quick Hoosier lead 2-0 - then it shot up to 5 runs. But FSU had some life left in them as they tied it 5-5. But Indiana was a team of destiny - and they added 6 more runs and the score stood until the end 11-7. 

Because Indiana is a Northern team - and they seldom get to play in warm weather - most of the pundits expected a landslide. FSU has been to the World Series in Omaha a total of 17 times - never winning it all. Indiana was never to the World Series as a matter of fact - no Big 10 got to this level of the playoffs in the last 30 years. So there were a lots of fans in the Midwest watching TV and cheering for the Cinderellas.

Danny Callison is a retired professor from the University of Indiana. He was worked for 33 years there. Near the end of his career - he hired Lulu as a professor to teach summer courses in Indianapolis. One evening he took us out to supper and offered Lulu a full time job. In that job she would have been able to teach courses on line from any place in the world. We could have lived in Tamaqua - Tallahassee - Miami - even in a motor home cruising the country. For a while both FSU and IU were completing for her services - but her alma mater won out. 

On Thursday I called Danny and invited him to town to see the series between the Hoosiers and the Seminoles. He emailed back that he had plans for Fathers Day. When I reminded him that Fathers Day was next weekend he decided to come. I told him to gather a dozen of his buddies - rent a van - and come to stay for the weekend. Danny left Bloomington at 9AM Friday and at 11:30PM his Toyota pulled into our driveway. Danny was alone.

After a good night's sleep - Danny and I went to game one. It was a great game - down to the last pitch. The Hoosiers startled the crowd. Surely they could not win on Sunday. I sent Lulu to the game with Danny for good luck. But this time it was not even close - 11-7. 

The Seminole season is over. They had to settle for being the regular season champ in the ACC. They lost the championship tournament in 3 straight games - but stormed back in the NCAA regional series pounding several teams. But now it is officially over. 

Next weekend a total of 8 teams will be in Omaha - one of them will be the Hoosiers. The winner of that series takes it all. 

Danny lives in Bloomington just a couple of blocks from the baseball field. Up until this season the team played on a field that reminded me of the sandlots of our childhood. This year they played in a brand new professional grade stadium. They won the league championship and now they are in the World Series. 

We are sad the Seminole lost - but they had plenty of chances. Indiana has had their tickets punched. They are going to Omaha. 

At 5 PM Danny left here. He decided to break the trip home up into two pieces. He wants to drive 5 hours today - and about 7 hours tomorrow. 

This Hoosier baseball team reminds me of the Hickory Hoosiers in the movie of the same name. Ever since this team started it has been playing in a tiny podunk facility - now they have hit the big time. Lulu and I will be cheering for the Hoosiers. We hope the season ends just like it did in the movie. 

Don't get caught watching the paint dry.

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