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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Charlie Watts - Rolling Stones Drummer - Is 72 Today

My favorite band growing up was The Rolling Stones. And among the extravagant members of that group was one plain looking drummer - Charlie Watts. He was born on June 2, 1941 in a pre-fab home in Wembley - England during the war. He went to art school - married his childhood sweetheart and is still married to her today - 47 years later.

He enjoys playing jazz more than roll and roll. He is one of the stable rocks on which the Rolling Stones were built. Charlie also breeds fine horses.

He is normally a very quiet guy - very little bravado - he likes to be in the background. He has been picked as one of the best dressed men in the world.

Once in the middle of the night - he was sleeping and lead singer called him up saying - where's my drummer? Watts got up - showered - shaved - got dressed and walked down to the studio to meet Jagger. When he entered the studio - he floored Jagger with one punch. He then said - Don't ever call me your drummer - you are MY singer.

I hate commas and quotation marks  :-)

The Rolling Stones fooled the world playing the role as the rebels of rock compared to the fluffy suited Beatles.  Mick Jagger the lead singer had a degree from the London School of Economics and kept the bad boy image of the band going for 50 years. No one is quite sure how guitarist Keith Richard is still standing.

This summer I plan to visit Charlie's boyhood home in Wembley. Maybe I will arrange a 5 stop tour of the original Rolling Stones' homes.

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