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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Buddy JP Brown Bought A Rolls Royce

This is what the 1950 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith looked like when new. 

JP loves British cars. He has a garage full of them in various stage of restoration. He owns a V12 Jaguar. So when this Rolls came along - it was a once in a lifetime chance. 

Many consider the Rolls Royce the finest car in the world. Prices start at $100,000 and go upward. 

A local merchant bought this 1950 Roll Royce Silver Wraith (Ghost) a few years back. He actually drove it into his garage and proceeded to disassemble it - planing on doing a frame up restoration. Then he died. His widow is in the process of selling the garage - so the car had to go. JP made a 4 figure offer - about as low as 4 figures could go. Now he has to get it out of the garage so the building can be transferred over to the new owner. 

JP and Bob hold up the Rolls Royce grill where it belongs

The books says it will be worth $14000 to $36000.

This is what the Rolls looks like today.

Check out that 6 cylinder engine.

 This giant trunk could store a steamer trunk.

The rear doors were often called suicide doors. 

There is lots of hardwood in that coach.

This Rolls has right hand drive.

The workshop manual will get lots of use.

For the last few years - the Rolls sat on this lift - about 2 feet off the ground.

This is a panorama of the Rolls - JP - Bob - inventorying the parts.

Look at that rear end.

The white wall tires were in good shape.

Fully restored 1950 Rolls Royce

There is glass between the front and back seats that rolls down. 

The classic grill and headlights give it away.

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