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Monday, January 07, 2013

Merry Greek Christmas Santa Brought Us A Little Toy

 This is a Haier 3.5 cubic foot freezer.

While Lulu was off at work today - the Greek Santa stopped by with a big package. It is a 3.5 cubic feet deep freezer. It is only 22 x 22 x 32 inches. It is supposed to hold 125 pounds of food. It costs less than $2 a month to operate it. 

On the front there is a thermostat to set it to a certain temperature. There is a red light to show when the power is on - and a green light to tell you when the compressor is running. It draws less than 1 amp of power when running. Our Honda generator puts out 15 amps - so in a power failure the generator could power 15 of these at one time.

It is finished on all sides - even the back. It weighs 70 pounds. There is a basket shelf to hold smaller items. The freezer fits in a convenient nook in the kitchen. 

It is made by a Japanese company called Haier. It sells for $150 at HH Gregg. They wanted $79 to deliver it. Good thing Santa has a red Prius. It slid in the back of sled.

It can hold 125 pounds of food. It runs on less than 1 amp of power.

LEDs show when it is plugged in and when the compressor is running.

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