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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy New Year From The Everhart 8

Liz - Keith - Harry - Lulu - Jack - Kate - Robin - Drew

I think this was the our first Christmas that Lulu and I did not spend up north. We exchanged presents alone under the tree at Seminole Drive in Tallahassee - but did not have to wait long for the festivities to begin. The rest of the family arrived for New Years - for a week of exchanging presents - lots of good food - watching FSU in the Orange Bowl on TV - birthday parties - nightclubbing - feeding the ducks - enjoying museums - shopping - riding the golf cart - riding Jack's little jeep - and planning for the future. 

Something Old - Something New

Our biggest event of 2013 will be Liz and Keith getting married in Pennsylvania in August. 2012 brought us all together to welcome Drew and company to the Southland - their new home in Richmond VA. We all celebrated together in London at the Summer Olympics. Little Jack will never forget his great grandfather Jack Robinson letting him wear his 1948 London basketball gold medal on opening day. Robin and Drew got to meet Coach K and see USA play on the way to the gold medal. Big Jack addressed the team before one of the games. Thanks to Keith we all had tickets to see several events including the opening ceremony.

Little Jack and Lulu in the kitchen corner - making cutout cookies - eating their curds and whey.

Jack and Kate love pirates. The Tallahassee History Museum has plenty of pirate displays including cannons and "pieces of eight." This is my beloved son in whom I am well-pleased.

The kids made their own ginger bread houses.

We visited the Tallahassee Junior Museum - home of Bellevue - the Prince Murat Plantation House. It looks remarkable like the plans for our new home - if we ever get the guts to turn a shovel. 

The saddest part for me was putting them all on the plane to head home. Keith and Liz flew the Tallahassee to Washington non-stop express. Drew and the kids flew from Panama City Beach non-stop to a family birthday party for Kate in Baltimore. Kate was born on 1/11/11 - she will be 2 in a couple days.

On our minds for the whole holiday season is my sister Gail. She is very ill with cancer. She lives with her daughter Susie in Honesdale PA. Gail was wonderful when my Mom was ill - and now Susie is returning the favor. 

When we were un-decorating the tree - I said to Jack - this is the saddest time. He quickly replied - "no it isn't - it is a happy time - we get to do it all again next year." 

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