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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Taking Down Trees To Build A New Street - If You Build It They Will Come

This is the crane they used to take down our trees.

When is a street public or private? When the street needs repairs it is yours - when it is working fine - everybody uses it.

Our house is on the corner of Seminole Drive and MorBihan Drive. Six of us own sections of MorBihan Drive. It is 30 years old and in need of repair. We decided to just replace the street instead patching it. There are 6 homes along the street. Many of the neighbors paid to build the new street.

First - we had to take down two giant dead pine and oak trees on our property. Since the trees were aimed at several homes - we needed to hire a crane - Big Ben Tree Service - Scott Salter Owner. A crew of 5 professionals set up the crane and one guy rode the cable to the top of the tree. His job was to tie the cable to the top of the tree. As he cut off sections - the crane lifted off each section. As the tree was lowered - the other crew members trimmed the branches.

Finally - the stump grinder came in to chew away the two giant stumps. The whole job took about 3 hours. The street right of way is ready for re-paving.

This was a very dangerous job - it was done very professionally.

On Dec 30th - when we return from our Christmas excursion north - North Florida Asphalt will pave the street.

This guy would cut off sections of the tree and the crane would bring them down softly.

This photo shows how rotted the trees were. You could scoop out insides with your hands.

The stump grinder has a big wheel with teeth that chews away the stumps.

Finally - 3 hours later - trees gone - and all the mess cleaned up.

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