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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

FSU Beat an Undermanned Team from Charleston Southern

FSU upped their record to 6-3 with an impressive win over Charleston Southern. You may recall that we played their football team in September too. It seems that major college sports teams desire to play the minor small colleges to fatten up their record - so they can ticket a ticket to a "magical" bowl game or a spot in the NCAA 64 game tournament.

Our 8-4 football team was selected to play in this year's Champs Bowl (the old Citrus Bowl in Orlando - that was once the Tangerine Bowl) again a mediocre Notre Dame squad. Lulu and I will probably drive our Prius down for that game with a ten dollar bill and a copy of the ten commandments in our pockets - breaking neither. The Prius can cover the 500 mile round trip on one tank of gas. So playing patsies to fatten up the schedule works for Jimbo Fisher too.

The Noles coasted to an easy win after leading by as many as 30 points in the first half. Subs were played - like the mercy rule - to finish with a 76-51 score. Things got really sloppy in the second half and many of the announced 6200 fans left early with 10 minutes to go.

Lulu can I got free tickets from our friends Paul and Michelle.

The Seminoles lost 3 games in row before last night - losing to an 8-0 Harvard team - then pushing national champion Connecticut to an overtime loss - and finally losing big at Michigan State big. The Noles have no victories over ranked opponents.

The next game is Dec 11th again UNC Greensboro. Lulu will be in NYC Carnegie Hall presenting an award to some outstanding librarians - but I will probably take the scooter over and get a free ticket outside the arena. I can't believe the face value on last night's ticket was $16.

Above is the game program featuring a picture of Ralfi Portuondo. For each game they offer a free program with a player's picture on the front - that matches the picture on the game ticket. Ironically - every player got to play last night except Ralfi. The top players got to choose to be on the programs for the Duke and North Carolina games - the only two games that sellout at the Civic Center.

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