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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do You Thank Someone When They Stop Kicking You in the Privates

Last year Governor Rick Scott of Florida took away $1381 per student from a state budget that was already spending less per student than any other state in the USA. The is the same Rick Scott that spend $70 million of his own money that he received when his hospital company was convicted of stealing millions of dollars from Medicare. Folks are still wondering how he stayed out of prison over that - then somehow he wins an election and we make him the governor.

Now he proposes a budget that will increase the education funding $59 per student and he is expecting praise from the parents and teachers.

I am ashamed of many of the senior citizens in Florida. All that many of them worry about is getting their Social Security and Medicare - selfishly neglecting the youth. They could not care less about the education of their own grandchildren. The "greatest generation" is being followed by the "greediest generation." It would be interesting to see what percentage of the people over age 60 are also in the top 1% of annual income. These are the people that praise Governor Scott and will probably re-elect him in 2 years. Kids don't vote.

It reminds be of the hazing problems at Florida A & M where they beat a student to death. After beating the students into submission - they make the kids say, "thank you sir - may I have another?"

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