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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Average US Woman Weighs 160 Pounds - Wishes She Were 138 Pounds

According to the results of a November 2011 Gallup poll of 1,012 adults across the country, the average male weighs 196 pounds, and the average female weighs 160 pounds. These numbers are nearly 20 pounds more than they were in 1990. As weight has increased, so has American's ideal weight. Men, on average, wish they weighed 181 pounds, and women say 138 pounds is their ideal weight.

When comparing the numbers of actual and ideal weights, Gallup found that today the average man weighs 15 pounds more than his ideal, compared with 9 pounds in 1990. The average woman weighs 22 pounds more than her ideal today, compared with 13 pounds in 1990. So as American's ideal weights have increased, so have the numbers on the scale. A reported 64 percent of men and 68 percent of women are currently over their ideal weight.

I went from 217 down to 196 in 8 weeks. My goal weight is 180 pounds. I am the average weight of a US man - and my weight or goal is 1 pound less than the average US Man's.

From SHAPE Newsletter

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