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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wayne And Shirley Got A Neat Trailer - An Alite

Stoltzfus - pronounced "stolts - foos" is a Pennsylvania Dutch Amish name.

Wayne put the top up in 30 seconds for me. Inside is a king size bed and standing room.

Wayne and Shirley just spent a few weeks in NYC - she flew on to Mexico to meet here sisters - Wayne drove home. What surprised me is what he brought along. In Pennsylvania - they bought an Alite Trailer.

Alite is a good name for it. The trailer is shaped like a be "A" - sort of like a chalet. It is also very light - according to the one video it is only 350 pounds. It folds down to travel flat - but in 30 seconds - the top is up and the king size bed inside is ready for camping.

Wayne and Shirley both retired this year - and it is hard to find them home. With the new camper - I expect we will even see less of them.

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