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Monday, November 07, 2011

It Can Happen Anywhere

I am so sorry that one guy can do this much damage to so many good people. Penn State is still one of the finest colleges in the country. You just have to join the rest of us and realize that when a "few athletes of Bobby Bowden's players cheat on a music test" or a "Miami booster buys some football players a hooker" or "USC buys a Heisman trophy winner an SUV" - it happens everywhere. It is something impossible to control. Your just try your best.

I love Pennsylvania and all it stands for - I like to tease PSU fans but we have alumni in the family :-)

My impression of Happy Valley will not change a bit. I will cheer for PSU every time they play Notre Dame :-)

I guess the worst part of it is - is that PSU fans were always running around laughing when hardships happened to other schools. It could never happen at State College they said. Now the world is going to want a little schadenfreude.

I think Joe - Spanier - and a few others will lose their job over this. Joe should have personally gone to the cops - not hand it off to someone else. Spanier knew everything - he will be running for a golden parachute. Sandusky is a sick piece of crap - I would rant about him more but then people would remind me that Lulu was 16 when we eloped - 40 years ago.

Some fans will just use this as an excuse to dump Joe - something they wanted for 15 years. Now they have a "legit" reason.

This will not affect the football fans. They will continue to ride their motorhomes to Happy Valley and watch the games. They love the ritual. Maybe ticket prices will drop - but I doubt it.

They took 10 wins away from Bobby Bowden and handed Joe his all-time winning record when a few players cheated on an online music course test. Heck - they banned Pete Rose from baseball for life because he bet on his own team to win. What do you get for covering up a crime like this?

Don't you wish it was just a bunch of players getting drunk or stealing iPhones? or getting free shoes.

Let me go back and re-read this before I post it. I do not want to offend any friends.

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