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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Garbage In Equals Garbage Out - I Got A New iPhone 4S

Something old - something new - my iPhone 4S on left - the old iPhone 3GS on the right. Garbage in - Garbage out.

I just got my new iPhone 4S. Fedex tried to deliver it yesterday and they came back again today with my latest toy. The first thing I wanted to do is transfer all my old stuff from the old iPhone over to the new one. That is the garbage I am talking about.

The phone arrived at 2:07. I hooked my old iPhone up to my mac. I told iTunes to back up my old phone. Then I hooked the new iPhone 4S to the computer and said download backup. By 2:12 all my information - addresses - phone numbers - apps were on the new phone.

I was ready to make my first phone call. I pressed one button and told "Siri" the girl in the phone - call Drew. She replied I am calling Drew's mobile phone. And it worked.

Apple seemed to always have a better way of doing things.

Then at 2:15 - I was writing an ad to sell my old iPhone on craigslist. I am trying to sell my old phone in the same day. No - I do not sell stuff to friends.

The iPhone has a much better camera - it also takes HD quality video. This picture is the first picture I took with the new iphone.

Nov 19th - I sold my old iPhone on Craigslist for $150. Also sold Lulu's white one to the same guy.

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