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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Andy Rooney Died Yesterday

Andy Rooney died yesterday. He was 92 years old. He was a fantastic writer but was known mostly for his commentary at the end of the "60 Minutes" news show. He ended that show every Sunday night as the stopwatch approached 8 PM.

Just one month ago - Andy did his last show. Sometimes - I would miss the start of the show - but seldom would I miss the last few minutes - Andy's minutes. He checked into the hospital for an operation and never came out.

I bought and read several of Andy's books. I liked and remember many of the things he said. He affected my life greatly - he reminded me of my Dad. He despised bullshit.

Losing him and Steve Jobs in such a short period deeply saddens me. I wonder if Andy liked Steve Jobs.

Andy wrote for Stars and Stripes during World War II.

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