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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

FSU Quarterback and Receiver Get Touchdown On Their First College Play

Usually a touchdown with 6:57 left in the fourth quarter of a 34-0 win would be considered rather meaningless.

Not this time though.

No, this one actually had plenty of meaning. As evidenced by the gruff, veteran, tough-as-leather offensive line coach wiping away tears on the sidelines while his son, the redshirt freshman quarterback, celebrated his first career touchdown pass on his first collegiate throw.

On Tuesday, Florida State backup quarterback Clint Trickett was asked about his dad Rick's emotional reaction immediately after his 28-yard TD pass to Rashad Greene.

"I didn't see it," Clint said. "The first reaction I got from him was when he came up to me and said something that was a typical (Rick) response."

"I can't really say (what he said)," Clint said with a laugh. "So I was like, that's typical."

Only after the game did someone inform the son that his father was caught by ESPN cameras tearing up on the sidelines.

Later that night Clint saw the footage himself while watching SportsCenter.

"I had a moment," Clint said, "where I was just like, I saw how much he cared."

FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher wasn't as surprised as the rest of the world when the highlights came on. He said the bond between a son and father can be strengthened even more when they're a part of the same team.

"Because you know everything that goes into it," Fisher said. "You see the practices. You see the sweat. You see all that kind of stuff. … It's a proud moment. That's one of those moments as a father that you'll remember forever and ever.

"It's a very special moment, and I was happy for both of them."

All three of them, actually.

Because not only was the 28-yard score the first college snap for Trickett, but it was also the first career play for Greene as well.

Talk about a promising start. Florida State sports information couldn't find any record of two players — combining for a touchdown — on the very first snap of their college careers.

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