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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Check Out This Fish Covered Camper

If you can get past the fish graphics - this is a neat camper.

It has a full bathroom and kitchen.

It has a private bedroom in the back.

It has a private enclosed bathroom - you could shave - shower and bathe privately going down the road. Toilet in there too. You could S & S at the same time.

You find some of the strangest things on Craigslist - and some interesting people.

When I saw this fish covered camper on the List - I had to go see it. Someone had a wrap put on it promoting a fish camp in Panama. The camper was never there - but the guy drove around promoting his business in the USA. What is underneath that wrap is what is most interesting to me - there is a 1991 Dodge Xplorer Camper under all those fins.

The camper has 2 full beds (not in lofts) - a full bathroom (with tub and shower) - a kitchen - roof air - water and sewer - heat - and 110 volt power. The floor is sunk down to give it full 6-2 walking around room inside. The allows it to fit into a regular 8 foot high garage door (without the AC on top). The bedroom and bathroom are claustrophobic.

It is owned by Jim Cameron - a lifetime Tallahassee resident and graduate of the local colleges. He is in the landscape heavy equipment industry and got it in some deal.

It is 20 years old - and has 80,000 miles on it. It drove relatively smoothly for a 20 year old truck.

Lulu and I have had 3 Class B campers similar to this - none would fit into a normal garage.

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