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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Mailbox Story Getting Lots of Hits

Mailbox stores mail underground.

Two years ago I wrote a story about a special mailbox I installed in our yard. The mailbox is excellent for someone who travels a lot. It safely stores all of your mail in a bin underground. We have been away up to a month at a time - and the mailbox kept the mail safely stacked and dry. There is no need to notify the post office to have your mail stopped. No worries about a stuffed mailbox letting the crooks know you are away. Even the local newspaper carrier puts our daily paper in the box - instead of having a pile of wet newspaper telling the world we aren't home.

In the last couple days - my web page hits have gone up. It turns out most of the people reading the mailbox story are being forwarded from the web page of the company that makes the mailbox. The compoany that makes the mailboxes in Florida are using my story in their advertisements.

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