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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My First Piece of London Mail

Mitsubishi Miev.

My first piece of London Mail - Mitsubishi Sales Booklet.

I just received my first piece of UK mail. I want to go to see the new Mitsubishi Miev - the latest new electric car.

The car costs - $42,000 US here - and you get a $7500 US grant from the government - bringing the price down to $35,000 US.

The car goes 81 miles per hour and a range of 93 miles per charge. You can quick charge the battery in 30 minutes here. It only has 45 horsepower - but with the torque an electric motor has from the start - it can beat most car away from the stoplight.

It has a 16 KWH lithium battery - this makes the car much lighter than the old lead batteries. Lithium batteries are designed to last 10 years.

It has alloy wheels - AC - heated seats - power windows - gps system - blue tooth phone system. It seats 4 comfortably. Four doors.

This car is exempt from all road taxes - parking fees - congestion fees. Registration fee is low. Insurance is low. It cost about 2 cents a mile to run in the USA. Also - there are free charging stations all over the UK.

I want to bring one home.

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