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Friday, August 05, 2011

London to Miami

Thursday morning 6 AM - London Time - this is the Tube stop by our apartment at Holburn. In just an hour or so those escalators will be jammed with people going to work. Here Lulu has it all to herself and her memories. Those signs along the side are show posters - Billy Elliot - Jersey Boys - Phantom of the Opera - Wicked - etc.

Our flight left London Heathrow at 9AM. At 1:30 PM we were landing in Miami. Note the new baseball stadium being built where the Orange Bowl used to be.

This is downtown Miami from our Boeing 777. American Airlines was good to us.

This is the Jackson Medical Center - where Drew worked when he was in Miami working on his doctorate for 5 years.

Biscayne Bay - between Miami Beach on the left - and Miami on the right. Drew lived on an island in that bay - to the left.

We left Miami about 6 PM and landed in Tallahassee at 7 PM plus. Our Friends - George and Joel Dawson were waiting for us in the terminal. By 9 PM we were in bed. It's good to be home.

Normally we fly Delta because we have gold medallion status. FSU pays for Lulu's ticket no matter who she decides to fly with. We chose American Airlines because Drew found a deal where I flew free on frequent flyer miles from a new credit card.

We left our Olympic apartment in London at 6 AM Thursday and were in our Tallahassee bed at 9 PM the same day. I never cease to be in awe of air travel.

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