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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Follow Up to the Dartford - Jagger - Caterham - Blackberry Story

Ha! Harry you've discovered the cornucopia of luscious blackberries. I picked at least 7lb of them last year and we had home made blackberry and apple pie with our Christmas dinner. Yummy. I keep a bowl in the car and stop off on my way home every night until they are finished. Freezer full of them!

Your website is fascinating and like dipping in and out of a book.

I so enjoyed the story of your visit to Mick Jagger's home. I never knew where it was - and so humble - a tiny semi-detached property.

The strangest thing is that about two hours ago, a youngish man came in on the off chance to ask if he could have a Factory Tour he has been longing to buy a Caterham ever since he was a child. Returning to live in Dartford he is now in the process of buying one.

Guess where he grew up?

Two doors away from Mick Jagger's home. How about that as a coincidence.

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