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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Safe At Home In 12A Bedford Place London - Who Flies From Florida to England Via Dallas?

You oldsters will recall Love Field in Dallas. It is close to downtown. This is the airport where John Kennedy flew into Dallas alive and then flew out dead after the assassination.

This is downtown Dallas. In the center of the pictures you can see one short red brick building. From the 6th floor of that building - Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president - if you think it was done by one man.

It took us 16 hours door to door. We left our home in Tallahassee at 4 PM EDT. We first flew to Dallas then caught a Boeing 777 for the long - 8 hours trip over the pond. At Heathrow Airport - we caught the Piccadilly Tube Line to our West End neighborhood. We were in the apartment at 1 PM London time - 8 AM EDT. Both flights were excellent. The food was good.The plane was full - but no noise at all. Everything was on time.

We were flying on American Airlines - because Drew found an angle last year. If you signed up for the special credit card - you ended up getting 150,000 frequent flyer miles. Lulu did it too - so we got 300,000 total. It cost me 90,000 for the London trip - much better than paying the $1800 the ticket would normally cost. I already signed up for a trip to Brazil in October. I am using 80,000 miles then - the ticket would normally cost $3000. Brazil is paying for Lulu's ticket - she is doing consulting for them.

We will be in London until August 5th - about a month. Tomorrow - our first visitors arrive - Dan and Ann Novey. They are a couple of old teacher buddies from back in the Valley. Dan is the superintendent of a school in North Carolina. Ann retired from teaching a few years back.

At 1 PM today - we arrived at our London flat.

Lulu is all smiles as she walks from the Tube stop - up Bedford Place to our flat.

This is the playground down the street where we played with grandson Jack every day - last summer.

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