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Monday, July 18, 2011

I Went to Scooterden To See The Hybrid Vespa And All I Got Was This Crummy Towel

The gave me this towel as a momento. Alas - no ride on a Hybrid Vespa.

I did get to ride this MP3. This one has a 300cc engine. Also - the wheels are far enough that you do not need a cycle license over here. You also do not have to wear a helmet - and this place is really anal about helmets. You can see that it stands on its own without a kickstand. This model is available in the USA.

Have your ever heard of Vaporware? When a computer company gets ready to sell a new program - they release a demo that is fantastic. Then you wait for the product. Sometimes in never shows up - we call it Vaporware.

For the last 4 years I have been reading about the Hybrid Vespa. It is supposed to be able to run on gas or electricity or both at once. Supposedly you could go 20 miles on just electricity and then the gasoline engine could take over. You could get 140 miles per gallon and still be able to rocket launch from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds.

All the stories say the Hybrid Vespa is for sale in England and France - to be on sale in the USA next year.

So today I took the train to a place called "" I wanted to drive this "beast" - maybe take one home. I walked into the door of this onetime newspaper office and asked about the hybrid. I got a puzzled look. They said that Piaggio never made it. How could that be possible - I read all the tests and reviews of it.

The Hybrid is based on the MP3 scooter. It is sort of a tricycle - but with two wheels up front. They had an MP3 there with a 300cc engine - a wonderful bike. It is very stable for going over railroad tracks - slippery conditions - and dirt roads. Also - when you come to a stoplight - you do not have to put your feet on the ground. I do want one - but I was waiting for the Hybrid.

I still have one more chance. The stories I have been reading say they sell many more MP3's in Paris than anywhere. We are going there next week.

The magic number over here is 125cc. Above that you must have a special license.

Scooterden is right in the middle of the city.

The dealership is about as big as the V-shaped Five Points Diner.

The spiral steps go upstairs to the accessories department.

At one time the Vespa shop was a newspaper - like 30 years ago - no one sees fit to remove the old tile floor.

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